5 Fireplace Decoration Ideas for Halloween!

//5 Fireplace Decoration Ideas for Halloween!

Looking for the perfect fireplace decoration ideas for your gas or wood burning fireplace this fall? Adding some Halloween colors and decoration to your fireplace can transform your living room into a warm and cozy (and spooky!) retreat this fall. Here are our 5 favorite fireplace mantel decorations for Halloween.

5 Fireplace Decoration Ideas for Halloween!

Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Raven, Fireplace Decoration Idea

Nothing says Halloween quite like Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Raven. Even shows like The Simpson’s have commemorated the classic poem in Halloween-inspired episodes for years. The mixture of ravens and candles in this fireplace decor makes for the perfect Halloween mantle, and can even carry over for your fall celebration with a few small tweaks. See more ideas from Your Cozy Home here.

Edgar Allen Poe Raven Fireplace Decoration

Sweet Something Designs Halloween Mantle Decoration

All you’ll need are a few simple decorations to pull this look together. Clean and modern! Sweet Something Designs adds fall colors to the room while tieing in a few Halloween themed items. Very simple. Very classy. If you’re looking for a stylish spin on Halloween decor, this is the perfect display.

Fireplace Trick or Treat Decorations

Old Fireplace “Burnt Bones” Decoration

Does your old drafty fireplace look like something from a scary movie? Perfect! This “burnt bones” fireplace decoration idea will make your living room look super spooky! Creating this look is very inexpensive. All you need is a stack of partially burnt wood and human skeletons. You can pick some bones and skeletons on Amazon or your local retailer. See more about this design here.

Old Fireplace Skeleton Decorations

Mantel Decoration for Gas Fireplaces

Don’t have a traditional fireplace or live in an apartment? No problem! There’s no need to neglect your Halloween fireplace decorations just because you have a gas fireplace. This display uses the gas fireplace as a nice background. See more here.

Gas Fireplace Halloween Mantel Decoration

Simple, Not Overdone Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Looking for a Halloween fireplace decoration idea that doesn’t overplay the typical Halloween themes? This display uses Halloween colors and very tasteful decorations to add a bit of Halloween flair to the room without going overboard. See how to create this look here. (This look would be great for gas or traditional fireplaces!).

Simple Halloween Decoration

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