7 Best Fireplace Accessories for Your Home

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It’s exciting to put a spark into the ambiance of your home with an inviting fireplace. The best fireplace accessories allow you to personalize your experience and customize your fireplace to your own needs and preferences. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular and useful accessories you should have for your fireplace.

Best Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Screens

Whether you have an older fireplace or are installing a new one, the best fireplace accessories begin with an attractive screen. Old fireplaces can develop unsightly blemishes in the glass or only have only a mesh curtain to prevent embers from jumping out of the fire.

The quickest way to spruce up an old fireplace is to use a decorative screen. The screens help prevent logs from rolling out and embers from drifting into the room. This is a must-have in regards to safety! In fact, any fireplace installed after 2015 requires a fireplace screen to reduce the risk of fire danger.

Add a decorative pop to any room by choosing custom fireplace screens that complement the room’s decor. There are three-panel screens, curved screens, door screens, and spark guards to choose from.

custom fireplace screens

Image from Touch of Class

Decorative Andirons

Fireplace andirons and grates elevate the logs to provide better airflow for the starter while keeping the logs from rolling out of the fireplace.
A fun way to secure the logs inside the fireplace is with high-end fireplace accessories like decorative andirons. They serve the purpose of the log grate with a decorative flair that adds pizazz to your fireplace.

Fireplace Tool Sets

One of the best fireplace accessories is also very handy. Tool sets allow you to stoke the fire, grab logs safely, and clean up ashes once they are cooled. You may not think high-end fireplace tools are a necessity, but since you need a toolset no matter what, you might as well choose some that add a touch of luxury to the appearance of your fireplace.

high end fireplace tools

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Log Holders & Baskets

Useful fireplace accessories are the best fireplace accessories. A trek outside or to the garage every time you want to build a fire makes a chore out of the experience. Have your firewood right where you need it by using log holders or baskets. This way, you can store wood nearby and save yourself a few trips to the woodpile.


When it comes to a beautiful fireplace, there is nothing more stunning than an eye-catching mantel. Let your creative side shine with a fireplace design that showcases a mantel you will enjoy for years to come!

high end fireplace accessories

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Wood Moisture Readers

Wood moisture readers are worth the investment. These digital meters measure the moisture of firewood to make sure that it’s ready to be used. Properly “seasoned” wood is dry and provides heat. Wood that contains too much moisture creates dirty smoke that accumulates as creosote in the chimney.

Wagner is known for having the best firewood moisture meter on the market. It is easy to use and worth having.

best fireplace moisture meter

Safety Equipment

Always keep a fire extinguisher and fire-safe gloves nearby in case of emergency. The best fireplace accessories are always the ones that keep everyone safe.

If you are looking to upgrade or remodel your fireplace, The Fireplace Place offers a free consultation to help make your dream fireplace come to life! Contact us today to get started.

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