7 Beautiful Christmas Fireplace Decor Ideas

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One of the benefits of having a fireplace is decorating it for the holidays. But with so many Christmas fireplace ideas from which to choose, it can be overwhelming to find what you like and what you can actually create. Our Christmas fireplace decor ideas range from using candy and Christmas cards to ornaments and natural elements so you can design a holiday focal point.

Easy Christmas Fireplace Decor Ideas to Inspire

How to decorate a fireplace for Christmas should be fun, not stressful. The experts at The Fireplace Place have put together a list of Christmas fireplace ideas that are both easy and beautiful.

#1: Christmas Wreaths

Christmas fireplace decor ideas don’t get much easier than hanging a wreath above the fireplace. A wreath decorated with ornaments or a simple bow can be the perfect holiday touch, especially if your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel for other decor. If you do have a mantel, the wreath can be easily accented with some festive garland to complete the look.

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#2. Repurposed Tree Ornaments

Ornaments and lights don’t just have to be for the Christmas tree. One of the easiest Christmas mantel ideas is to accent a simple garland with lights. You can hang ornaments from it as you would the tree, fill glass jars with them or arrange them on top of the mantel for a beautiful display.

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#3. Advent Calendar Mantel

This is one of those Christmas fireplace decor ideas that kids will love. Turn decorations into a daily activity by stringing advent calendar cards or pouches like a garland around the mantel. Each card can have a family activity for the day such as cookie making or watching a holiday movie. Your little elves will rush to the fireplace every morning to make their daily choice from this interactive display.

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#4. Gingerbread Village

Who would have thought that gingerbread could be Christmas fireplace decorations? If you’re a holiday baker or building gingerbread houses is a favorite tradition in your family, display your masterpieces on the mantel. Create a village with people, animals and trees or a collection of houses from each family member for truly personalized decor.

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#5. Peppermint Candy Arrangement

Candy canes, peppermints and marshmallows are all special Christmas treats that can be easy mantel decor. Any clear glass such as mason or apothecary jars can display candy canes in different colors and shapes along with mints and fluffy marshmallows. Add a few stockings and you’ll have a mantel that’s full of whimsy and holiday cheer.

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#6. Nature-Inspired

Sometimes bringing the outside in is all the simple beauty you need for Christmas fireplace decor ideas. Real pine garlands accented with pinecones or branches create a rustic feel while highlighting the garland with citrus fruits lends a bright pop of color and smell. Even embellishing a store-bought garland with fresh pine branches can create a natural winter wonderland indoors.

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#7. Holiday Card Display

If you’re wondering what to do with the holiday cards you receive this year, use them to create some simple mantel decorations this Christmas. Select your favorites to display on the mantel, bookend them with poinsettias or jars of ornaments and enjoy the reminder of how much you mean to others throughout the season.

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Custom fireplaces can be the centerpieces of your holiday celebrations with these easy Christmas fireplace decor ideas. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or enjoying a quiet Christmas morning, we hope your fireplace is a happy holiday gathering spot this season!

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