Popular Commercial Fireplace Ideas for Any Setting

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Fireplaces have long been a gathering place, enhancing our mood with beauty and conviviality. Though they began as the heart of the household, commercial fireplace trends are on the rise for the same appeal they bring to a home.

Commercial Fireplace Ideas

We’ll help you learn about types of fireplace designs and commercial fireplace ideas that are sure to bring their special charm to your professional space.

Commercial Fireplace Benefits

Nothing says “welcome” like the sight of a glowing fireplace. A commercial fireplace brings warmth to an office space and romantic ambiance to a hotel’s lobby or restaurant’s dining room. It can also cast the outdoors aglow by warming up a community patio space. For a hotel, restaurant or office, this feeling of hospitality makes guests feel at home in the middle of your commercial space. And when guests feel at home, they can truly enjoy their experience with you. To read about fireplace remodel benefits in more detail, check out our blog. Meanwhile, below are the different types of gas fireplaces that can give you the best commercial fireplace ideas for your space.

Single Sided Commercial Fireplace

The single sided commercial fireplace creates an instant feature wall for a lobby or dining room by showcasing what makes a fireplace so appealing: the beauty of the flame. Though one of the more traditional types of fireplace design, today’s modern aesthetic eschews tradition by providing a long, sleek look with burners from end to end for a show-stopping flame. This beauty can be highlighted by a variety of fireplace media to complement your space with stone in modern shapes and textures and wood, crystal, or rocks in unique arrangements.

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See-Through Commercial Fireplace

If you’re looking to create two distinct spaces while still allowing for guests to glimpse what’s beyond, the see-through commercial fireplace is one of the best types of fireplace designs. The glass that encases the gas flame is clear, enabling restaurant diners to feel connected to a patio outside or for lobby guests to feel privacy amid the bustle around them. There is a variety of trim and framework options as well as accent lighting to make this one of the most individual commercial fireplace ideas, while you can also emphasize innovation by installing the latest vertical design, giving instant height to even a small office space.

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Pier Commercial Fireplace

Also called a “peninsula fireplace,” the pier commercial fireplace is similar to the see-through in that its clear glass can simultaneously join and separate two spaces but different in that it’s three-sided in it’s viewing. This style adds architectural interest to your space while also allowing guests to benefit from its warmth and beauty from a variety of angles. Interior options run the gamut from traditional brick to modern stones and while installations can be short, long, or even “postless” with a glass-to-glass design, any of these options make it one of the most custom commercial fireplace ideas.

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Island Commercial Fireplace

The most dramatic of all the commercial fireplace trends, the island commercial fireplace gives the only true 360° view of a large-scale space, making it the perfect focal point for a large restaurant dining room or the lobby of a luxury hotel or office space. If you’re looking to create a central gathering spot or anchor a sweeping space, this commercial fireplace idea gives you the opportunity to do so while providing a variety of stone, wood, marble and glass options to make your space as distinctive as possible.

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Considering commercial fireplace ideas for your business? Fireplace of Atlanta offers a free, private consultation to discuss your thoughts on commercial fireplaces. Give us a call to schedule your free session today!

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