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DaVinci Fireplace Reviews

Today’s fireplace market offers an incredible variety of stunning design options and features, but DaVinci Custom Fireplaces have to be among our favorites. Their unique configurations, gorgeous facades, and meticulous attention to detail are what set them apart, and our DaVinci fireplace reviews will highlight some of their best models for you.

Top Models – DaVinci Fireplace Reviews

Choosing which models to include in our DaVinci fireplace reviews was a challenge because the truth is, they’re all amazing. In the end, the design you choose will come down to personal preference, but that’s why the DaVinci Collection offers such variety. No matter what style you’re looking for or where you want to install your fireplace, DaVinci has a solution that will go above and beyond your expectations.

DaVinci Single-Sided Fireplace

The single-sided configuration is the most traditional model in our DaVinci fireplace reviews, but it’s far from ordinary. This fully-customizable fireplace is as versatile as it is elegant, and can instantly transform any room into a masterpiece of modern design.

Supported with heavy-guage steel construction, these handmade works of art are available in custom lengths from 2 to 66 feet, and six different heights between 12 and 58 inches.

Top features:

  • Safe-Touch Glass
  • Overhead halogen lighting
  • Handcrafted IronWorks trim options
  • Modular firebox for easy delivery & installation

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DaVinci See-Thru Fireplace

DaVinci’s award-winning see-thru fireplaces are unlike any you’ve seen before. These breathtaking models shatter the boundaries of what a fireplace can be by, well, shattering boundaries! They’ve created an eye-catching see-thru fireplace that can even be both indoors and outdoors simultaneously.

The see-thru model is also fully-customizable in length and height and can be easily installed into any residential or commercial setting.

Top features:

  • Zero-clearance firebox
  • Stylish, easy-to-use TouchSmart control system
  • Choice of handcrafted Fyre-Art media
  • Optional heat exchanger kit for warmth

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DaVinci Island Fireplace

Out of all of the models in our DaVinci fireplace reviews, the island configuration might be our favorite. There are simply so many applications and possibilities with an island fireplace, and they always seem to look good no matter where you put them.

Every angle offers another unique, attention-grabbing display of fire, wood, and stone. It’s mesmerizing as well as soothing, and if you have the opportunity to add a DaVinci island fireplace to your home or business, we suggest you take it.

Top features:

  • 360-degree wraparound Safe-Touch Glass
  • Full array of LED mood lighting options
  • Realistic, handcrafted bamboo, driftwood, and time-worn stones
  • 10-hour timer

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DaVinci Bay Fireplace

There’s nothing like a little optical illusion to add a unique sense of style to any room or outdoor setting. That’s exactly what you get with the DaVinci Bay fireplace. Your friends and family are all guaranteed to do a double-take the first time they walk past your new fireplace…and the second time…and so on because it never gets old!

The ultramodern bay model is architecturally designed to draw the eye, and because of this, its popularity has skyrocketed.

Top features:

  • Choice of custom liners for heightened ambiance
  • Digitally controlled LED underlighting
  • Power Venting exhaust vent up to 150′ from fireplace
  • Black or white Touch-Smart controls

davinci bay fireplace

No other custom fireplace manufacturer can match DaVinci’s style and features, and no other fireplace installer can match The Fireplace Place of Atlanta’s experience, skill, and knowledge of the DaVinci Collection. Call us today for all of your fireplace needs!

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