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There is something special about walking into a room with a beautiful fireplace. In fact, a modern fireplace transforms and provides more intimacy to a room than any other feature. You may be considering remodeling a fireplace to rejuvenate the appearance of a room, have the convenience of a working gas flame, or update the energy efficiency of your home or commercial space. There are significant fireplace remodel benefits that make remodeling a fireplace a worthwhile investment.

Top 5 Fireplace Remodel Benefits

Let’s explore some of the most important benefits of remodeling your fireplace. Our design consultants are experts in matching your needs with our extensive design options.


The inviting warmth of a fireplace comforts all who enter the room. One can’t help but wind down and gaze into the dancing flames of light. With our hundreds of design options, a spectacular fireplace that captures the attention of the room is within your reach.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern or vintage design, we can improve the ambiance of your space by transforming a room with an updated, efficient fireplace. You have complete control of the features and functionality you desire, as well as the room design.

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We have countless options available to make operating your fireplace the easiest part of your day. Today’s modern fireplace includes cutting-edge technology that allows you to not only enjoy your fireplace again but offers features such as:

  • Remote operation
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Wall switches

With these amazing fireplace remodel benefits, your desire and imagination are all you need for the fireplace you’re dreaming of.

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Energy Efficiency

There is no question that a high-efficiency fireplace will improve the energy efficiency of your home or commercial space. This is one of the top fireplace remodel benefits that bring people into the world of remodeling fireplace.

With skyrocketing energy costs, we all need to improve energy efficiency, and incorporating an inviting fireplace is a great way to have the best of both worlds. With our highly efficient fireplace designs, you will reduce energy costs while adding an attractive focal point to the room. Some energy efficient ideas include:

  • Outdoor blower
  • Outdoor air feed
  • Fireplace insert

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Reduce Odors and Ash

If using your fireplace results in offensive odors and excessive ash to clean up, it sounds like you need an update. We can put the fun back into operating your fireplace by eliminating odors and reducing ashy mess.

With our expert design consultants, you’ll discover options that are functional and restore the enjoyment of using your fireplace. We want your fireplace to offer nostalgia rather than extra work. We’ll get you back in front of the firelight before you know it.

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Whether your fireplace is used for pure enjoyment or as a supplemental heat source, we want everyone to be completely safe while operating or near your fireplace. We will keep you one step ahead of fire safety regulations and help protect vulnerable children and pets from the heat and flames. Some safety features easily incorporated into remodeling your fireplace include:

  • Fireplace doors
  • Door locks
  • Fireplace fence or screen

With modern safety features in place, you won’t have to worry about someone knocking things into the fireplace, or a toddler deciding to explore the ashes within.

When you weigh in the fireplace remodel benefits and the added value to your home or commercial space, we know you’ll be anxious to get started. We have hundreds of design to choose from and will make sure your fireplace is safe, functional, and something you will be proud of.

Our design consultants will find a solution to your renovation needs and put the spark back into your fireplace again. Schedule your private, free consultation today, and take a look at some of our custom fireplace projects.

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