3 Eye-Catching Fireplace Surround Remodel Ideas

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A fireplace attracts attention and can make or break a room. If your fireplace is looking a bit outdated though, there’s no better way to revive it than with a facelift! Check out the most popular fireplace surround remodel ideas to ignite your inspiration.

Decor 101: Fireplace Surround Remodel Ideas

What Is a Fireplace Surround?

A fireplace surround refers to the elements that wrap around a fireplace to enhance the decor of the home. This area can extend past the edges of the fireplace to include an entertainment center, shelving, or other functional space.

Whether you have tile, brick, stone, or other elements, the purpose is to add additional aesthetics to the fireplace area. After all, the fireplace is the focal point of whichever room it resides in.

To spur your creative side, here are a few popular fireplace surround remodel ideas to renovate outdated fireplace looks and upgrade your home.

1. Tile Fireplace Surrounds

Have you considered a tile fireplace makeover? Tile is classic yet innovative. There are an infinite number of design options to choose from and will fit into almost any budget.

When it comes to fireplace surround remodel ideas, tile may be the most versatile. Here are a few to consider.

  1. Ceramic Tile – These come in many styles and designs and will fit any decor.
  2. Glass Mosaic – Want a sense of artistic pizazz in the room? Mosaic tiles with unique patterns add a pop to any fireplace.
  3. Porcelain – Metallic and wood-look porcelain tiles are popular due to the mood and rustic feel they add, just without the added danger of having flammable lumber surrounding the fireplace.
fireplace surround remodel ideas

Image from Don Pedro Home Design

2. Stone Veneer Fireplace Surrounds

Some of the more contemporary fireplace makeover ideas include the modern, yet rustic look of stone veneer. Stone veneer is a thin, surface-applied stone that can be cut from either a manufactured stone or real stone. This veneered stone is a decorative finish while having the look and feel of a stone fireplace.

Varieties of stone veneers include:

  1. Stacked – This method uses mortar behind the surround which attaches to the fireplace structure, and there is no grout between the dry-stacked stones.
  2. Slab – A slab of marble, granite, or other solid surface used as a surround.
  3. River Rock – These rounded stones resemble those naturally smoothed by a rushing river.

3. Wood Fireplace Surrounds

Rustic meets traditional with wood fireplace surround remodel ideas. Here are a few ideas for wood fireplace surrounds.

  1. Reclaimed wood – This is wood that has already served another purpose – often used as a striking mantel or a budget-friendly surround that lends a rustic feel.
  2. Surround/mantle combos – Wood is versatile with most home decor and can be used to extend beyond the mantel as bookshelves or an entertainment center!
fireplace surround makeover ideas

Image from Early Times Home Solutions

4. More Fireplace Surround Ideas

Looking for ways to tackle fireplace makeovers on a budget? Try this.

  1. Painting – A fresh coat of paint in solid colors, patterns, or contrasting colors will spruce up a tired fireplace in a flash!
  2. Artwork – A touch of artistic genius above the fireplace livens up a drab space and directs the eye to the center of the room.
  3. Gloss it up – A coat of high-gloss adds luster to any paint color.
  4. Add an attractive new screen – This will revive the look of the fireplace and add an interesting feature to the room.
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Image from CoastalShows

When you are ready for a fireplace remodel, there is no one better to partner with than The Fireplace Place. We are passionate about design while protecting the integrity of safety and function.

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