How much does my fireplace pilot light cost me?

//How much does my fireplace pilot light cost me?


Fireplace pilot lights are like the pilot on a water heater or stove. A pilot light is a small flame that is kept lit to provide a catalyst for the main burner to be turned on when needed.  The average fuel consumption of your standing Pilot light is:

Natural gas is $0.60 a day = $219 a year.

 Liquid Propane is $1.80 a day = $657 a year.

Sophisticated fireplace manufactures like Travis Industries have developed Intermittent pilot light systems.  Travis Industries calls their system, GreenSmart.  This system allows you to run your fireplace in either standing pilot mode – where the pilot flame continually stays on, ideal during periods of extreme cold when a draft is needed for safe, proper operation – or in the GreenSmart mode, where the pilot flame ignites via an intermittent pilot spark that does not run continually and thus conserves energy when the fireplace is not being operated. The GreenSmart system includes a battery back-up, ensuring proper ignition even during power outages. The GreenSmart System helps save on both energy usage and heating bill.

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