Is it Safe to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace?

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One of the best things about flat-screen TVs is that you can hang them on any wall in your home. You may be wondering though, is it safe to mount a TV above a fireplace? The answer is yes, but not always. You’ll have to be extremely careful and do your homework before you try mounting a tv above a fireplace.

How is it Safe to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace?

The obvious issue with having anything electronic mounted over a fireplace is the heat. Will warmth from the fireplace cause your TV to malfunction, melt, or worse, catch on fire?

The answer to, “Is it safe to mount a TV above a fireplace?” comes down to the details. Let’s go over what criteria need to be met.

Temperature Requirements

The problem with hanging anything above an open flame source like a fireplace is that heat rises. Thankfully, most modern fireplaces are designed in such a way that the heat is disbursed outward instead of up.

Mantels and alcoves are especially good at achieving this effect, and typically require less space between the TV and the hearth. Some heat will still rise up though, so you’ll need to find out what temperatures your TV is designed to withstand.

TV Specifications and Warranty Information

The first thing to check is your TV’s manufacturer warranty. Many HD television warranties come with a clause that states you cannot hang it above a fireplace and to do so would void the coverage.

You should also check the owner’s manual to see what the specifications for heat are. Most modern televisions will function perfectly in ambient temperatures up to 95°F.

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TV Placement

Once you’ve checked the user manual and decided you want to give it a try, it’s time to decide where to mount your TV. If there’s a mantel or alcove, that makes your job much easier as you can simply set the television on the ledge with the added benefit of blocking heat from below.

If you have to mount your TV directly to the wall though, you’ll need to do some measuring first. You’ll need a thermometer, some tape, and a piece of paper around the size of your television screen.

Checking Temperature & Viewing Height

TVs are usually meant to be mounted or set at the same height as your eyes so you don’t have to strain your neck for long periods of time. You can test your desired viewing height and temperature levels at the same time though.

Tape your TV-shaped piece of paper to the wall where you plan on hanging it, and tape the thermometer just beneath it. Light up your fireplace and stare at your cutout for a few minutes to see if your neck starts to hurt, then check the thermometer after about an hour to see if it’s within the manufacturer’s range for safe use.

Mount Your TV & Maintain Your Fireplace

If all of your measurements worked out, go ahead try mounting a TV above a fireplace. We recommend using high-quality wall mounts, preferably adjustable ones that allow you to tilt the screen.

Just be sure to keep your fireplace and chimney clean and clear at all times. Soot buildup can cause excess heat to escape back into the house and toward your television.

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So, to answer our question, is it safe to mount a TV above a fireplace?

Yes, but you have to be careful and follow the rules! And if you’re considering upgrading your fireplace, call the custom design experts at The Fireplace Place today!

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