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Have you been trying to find the perfect location for that new large-screen TV? Think again if you want to put it above a standard fireplace. Mounting above a regular fireplace may be the worst location to put a television. Let’s face it – TVs are expensive and the risk of damaging yours from excessive fireplace heat is just not worth it. Thanks to Montigo Fireplace Cool Wall though, you can mount your TV without worry. Let’s find out why.

Montigo Fireplace Cool Wall

A Montigo Fireplace Cool Wall is the only way to fly if you want to mount any electronics above your fireplace.

Problems with Mounting TV Above a Regular Fireplace

Your fireplace generates a tremendous amount of heat – anywhere from 20,000 to 35,000 BTUs of heat per hour. That’s hot! You already know that electronics are heat-sensitive. Mounting a TV above a regular fireplace is a sure-fire way to heat up your electronics, potentially causing them to malfunction and damage parts.

What’s worse, the simple act of mounting a TV above the fireplace will sometimes automatically void the warranty. This means that if you try to have your TV serviced due to malfunction and the technician determines that heat damage is to blame, the manufacturer may refuse to honor the warranty. The bottom line: read the warranty’s fine print and don’t mount electronics above a regular fireplace.

montigo linear fireplace

The Montigo Cool Wall Advantage

Reviews of Montigo products are a hot topic in the fireplace world, as they have a well-earned reputation for quality. The Montigo Fireplace Cool Wall is designed to divert heat away from the wall, reducing glass and wall temperatures. This is critical if you place artwork or electronics on a mantel or wall above the fireplace. The fireplace wall needs to maintain temperatures below 95 degrees Fahrenheit to safely mount electronics without risk of damaging them – the Montigo Fireplace Cool Wall makes it happen.

The Montigo Cool Wall advantage maximizes options in any rooms designed for entertainment, function, and enjoyment. Therefore the ability to mount a TV above the fireplace increases the homeowner’s design opportunities for a firelit room.

Montigo Distinction D6315NI-2 Linear Fireplace

This model of Montigo Distinction Fireplace is the newest addition to the catalog. With 63 inches of viewing area and circulating fans, you can sit anywhere in the room and enjoy the firelight and be warmed by the fire’s heat. Don’t worry about getting overheated – you can turn down the heat by 50% and enjoy a gentle flame with the touch of a button.


  • 50,000 Max BTU
  • 63″ Glass Opening Width
  • 14 3/8 Glass Opening Height
  • Natural Gas/Propane


  • Multi-color LED Lights
  • Quiet Heat-circulating Fans
  • Burner may be covered with glass or stone media
  • Full-function remote
montigo distinction fireplace

Image: Montigo Distinction Fireplace LED Lights

Montigo Distinction DL6315NI Linear Fireplace

Our second Montigo Fireplace Cool Wall review is on the simplified Montigo Linear Fireplace model. This unit has the same proportions as the previous Distinction model, with a lower BTU output and a 30-foot wall switch wire.


  • 40,000 Max BTU
  • 63 x 15″ Glass Opening


  • Standard features from D6315NI-2 model
  • Any options available may be added to customize your space
Montigo linear fireplace

Image: Montigo Distinction Fireplace

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