Stove and Fireplace Installation Guidelines

//Stove and Fireplace Installation Guidelines

What is included in stove and fireplace installation:

  • Delivering unit and setting in place
  • Setting floor or wall protection if needed
  • Installation and hook up of pipe
  • Install surround panels (Inserts come with prefabricated surround panels.  Some panels can be custom cut to fit your fireplace fascia for additional charges)
  • Installation of remotes or wall mounted thermostats
  • Clean-up of all materials and debris

Not included in stove and fireplace installation:

  • Running wires through walls (licensed electrician required)
  • Running gas line to the fireplace (licensed plumber or HVAC contractor)
  • Clearing a safe path of travel
  • Acquiring building or other required permits
  • Framing and finishing (unless otherwise noted)

 Stove and Fireplace Installation issues to be aware of:

  • Delivery Time:

Most orders take up to 4 weeks to arrive, Any dates that we specify for delivery of goods are approximate and The Fireplace Place shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused by any delay in delivery of the goods and time is not of essence in the contract

  • Appliance Performance:

We cannot guarantee the heating capacity of any appliance due to the unique characteristics of each application.  We can only estimate based on the manufactures guidelines and specifications.

  • Insert Sizing:

Fireplace Inserts are made to retrofit your existing fireplace. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that it will fit your fireplace or how it will look once installed.

  • Unsafe Conditions

Any situation deemed unsafe by the installer will be respectfully declined. We cannot install any product that requires getting on the roof if it is raining or wet.

  • Moving/removing

Old stove, chase pans, chimney liners, and chimney are available for additional charges.

  • Clearances

Units can only be installed if required clearances (specified by the manufacturer) and all local codes have been met.

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