Today’s Modern Outdoor Fire Pits & Fire Tables

//Today’s Modern Outdoor Fire Pits & Fire Tables

Now that summer has gone and the chilly nights have set in, most people are not thinking about spending evenings sitting in the backyard. However, not everybody is ready to give up the time spent on the backyard patio, cold weather or not. If you happen to be one of those people who are not quite ready to let go, today’s modern outdoor Fire Pits and Fire Tables are the perfect thing for you.

While many people think that Fire Pits and Fire Tables are the same thing, they are not. They only thing that makes these products similar to one another is they both are intended to be used to help create the perfect outdoor space in your backyard.

Fire Pits

With Fire Pits you have the option of choosing between a stone Fire Pit, which allows you to actually burn wood, or you can opt for a gas Fire Pit. Opting for a Fire Pit allows you to fit more people around the space, which means bigger get-together’s in your backyard. A stone Fire Pit also allows you to roast marshmallows or hot dogs in the privacy of your own backyard, not something that you will be able to accomplish with a gas Fire Pit or Fire table. Fire Pits are made from natural stone, which makes the Fire Pit one of the most attractive additions to your backyard landscape. As if those things weren’t enough adding a Fire Pit to your backyard can also increase your home’s resale value if you ever decide to sell.

Fire Tables

Fire Tables are often called the “Adult” Fire Pit.  They are similar to Fire Pits as they have a small Pit that is located in the center of a tabletop usually surrounded by a protective glass windshield. Today’s Modern Fire Pits can have a modern twist with Volcanic Stones, Driftwood Logs, or Reflective Glass.

The Fire Pit located in the center of the tabletop is often small and is only fueled by either propane or natural gas, but it still provides plenty of benefits. Fire Tables allow for a cozy intimate gathering around the table. The table height allows you to have a meal or a glass of wine next to the Fire.  The number of people that can fit around the table will depend on the size of the table, as well as the shape. Fire Tables are an excellent choice if you plan to have dinner parties, as they can be used in lieu of an outdoor patio table.  Fire Tables come in several different designs and styles, which allows you to pick the one that will work best on your patio or terrace. Some Fire Tables even come with a leaf extender!

Both Fire Pits and Fire Tables have plenty of benefits, but what one you decide to install will depend on your own personal preference, what you are trying to accomplish in your backyard space, and what kind of space you are working with.  So stop by The Fireplace Place to see the different options available to help you spruce up your patio and keep you warm this winter!

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