Valentine’s Day Activities in Atlanta

//Valentine’s Day Activities in Atlanta

There are many things to do in Atlanta for Valentine’s Day, it just depends on how you want to spend your day! This year enjoy the perfect day doing something fun, relaxing, adventurous, or all of the above. We put together a unique list of some of the best Valentine’s Day Activities in Atlanta.

Valentine’s Day Activities in Atlanta

Hot Air Balloon Ride—

This for those adventurous couples out there that don’t mind going a few thousand feet up into the sky. On the pricier side of a Valentine’s Day date, it’s well worth the money to experience the spectacular views. There are several different packages to choose from, and you have the choice to go just before sunrise or just before sunset for the ultimate romantic setting. Valentine’s Day is a popular time for Balloons Over Georgia, so it’s recommended to make a reservation well in advance. Check out more information on their website right here.


If you’re going for the more traditional route, you can never go wrong with a special dinner. Valentine’s Day in Atlanta is one of the busiest nights for restaurants, so make sure to make a reservation well in advance. If it’s within a few days of Valentines day, we suggest using the Opentable app. Opentable is one of the easiest ways to check for open reservations at all of your favorite spots—sometimes introducing you to new places too! Check out what Opentable has to offer by clicking right here.

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Couples Massage—

If you and your partner’s lives have been crazy, then spend the day enjoying complete relaxation. The perfect way to do that? Couples massage! There are endless spas and massage parlors to choose from in Atlanta. But to make it easy and a little more affordable, Groupon is a great way to search the best deals in your area. Check out your options by clicking right here.

Cooking Class—

There’s nothing more exciting and fun than cooking a meal with your partner. There’s a sense of individual fun since you’re challenging yourself, but there’s also a hint of competition that makes for a memorable Valentine’s Day date. And you can take these skills home with you to hopefully use in the future. Here are a few places to look for cooking classes, prices will vary…

Wine Tasting

Grab your significant other and try your hand at wine tasting. If you enjoy wine and beautiful scenery, then wine tasting is the perfect date in Atlanta for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to visit a winery or simply head into town, there are a lot of places to go wine tasting in Atlanta.

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