Why You Should Inspect Your Rain Pan

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When you want to enjoy your fireplace, the last thing you expect to discover is a leaky chimney. Water leaking down through your chimney can be caused by a rusty rain protection pan or having a hole in one. The rain pan is essentially the roof to your chimney chase. It prevents water from coming into the chimney and firebox. Let’s dive deepter into why you should inspect this component every year.

Why Is Checking Your Rain Pan Important?

Potential Damage

A leaky rain pan will allow excess moisture to collect inside the fireplace unit which will cause a myriad of problems such as:

  • damper corrosion
  • disintegrating flue tiles
  • weaken the structural integrity of chimney
  • creating ideal factors for black mold to grow
  • damage can spread to drywall, insulation, and structural beams

When the damage is widespread, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

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Home Maintenance

The best defense against costly problems is to schedule an inspection and catch any issues before they grow out of control. To understand what you have atop your own chimney, let’s compare a rain cap vs pan.

A rain cap is installed over the top of the flue to prevent water from getting inside the opening at the top of the chimney. The cap directs water runoff and typically has mesh around the sides to keep animals and debris out of the chimney. In a similar way, a rain pan covers the surface of the chimney top around the flue. A fireplace with a metal chimney will have a pan that is made out of stainless steel to prevent water from creeping into places it doesn’t belong. Reasons why a this piece is useful include:

  • Prevent water leakage into chimney and area around the flue
  • More water resistant than a chimney crown, which is made of cement
  • Prevents rot damage to interior walls
  • Cost-effective solution to a cracked chimney crown

If your pan is 10-15 years old, there is a high risk of leakage that could cause further damage to the fireplace and surrounding walls. Old rain pans should be inspected every year and may require replacement. Rain pan replacement is a far better scenario than fixing the damage caused by a leaky chimney that is left unattended.

Multi-Family Home Maintenance

Property managers and owners of multi-family dwellings should include annual routine inspections of their chimneys and fireplace units. The Fireplace Place offers a standardized service to include in Preventative Maintenance Procedures. These services are designed to be stress-free, save you money, and include:

  • price lock guarantee
  • auto-renew agreements
  • complimentary training
  • complimentary service calls

Our services should be scheduled and completed before your annual Fire Marshal Inspection to ensure compliance with current regulations.

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Schedule an inspection and service of your chimney and fireplace today!

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