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The Rivera Fireplace Project

The Riveras were interested in having ledger stone installed around their fireplace, so they stopped by our showroom. After going through our design audit process, we decided that it would be a good idea to perform an in-home consultation. This allows us to dive deeper into finding the perfect solution.

Upon inspection, we found that the existing fireplace had a combustible header installed too close to the fireplace with early-stage pyrolysis setting in.

“Pyrolysis is when wood dries out or breaks down after being exposed to high heat over a long period of time. The wood starts to char as the chemical composition changes, making it more combustible. It can eventually catch on fire, causing extensive damage.”
– Klayton, Fireplace Place Owner
Because of the dangerous condition of the wood, we all decided that it was best to go ahead and tear out the original fireplace and install a new one. The Riveras chose a new Direct Vent fireplace with rough iron face. We also installed a custom finished cedar beam mantel to match the trim work throughout the home. We finished off the project with thin stacked ledger.


custom fireplace before

pyrolysis fireplace

custom fireplace remodel


custom direct vent fireplace

direct vent custom fireplace