If you love your wood burning fireplace, but hate the cold drafts and work it takes to maintain comfortable heat throughout the day, then an energy efficient wood burning fireplace is for you.

Atlanta’s Best Selection of High-Efficiency Wood Fireplaces

Your open wood burning fireplace is only 20% efficient, which leads to a lot of energy loss over the course of a year. A high-efficiency wood burning fireplace, on the other hand, is 80% efficient!

Looking to save money on your monthly heating costs? Modern high-efficiency fireplaces are extremely efficient when it comes to energy consumption and cost. An efficient wood burning fireplace only uses 2 loads of wood per day, while an open fireplace consumes one load every 45 minutes.

We carry a huge selection of high-efficiency wood-burning fireplaces. See a sample of our product below, or stop by one of our two locations to browse our full selection.